Dalry Amateur Radio Group  

Dalry Amateur Radio Group meet fortnightly on a Wednesday at The Turf Inn near Dalry Cross.

We are a small group of amateurs with varied interests ranging from packet radio and data modes to electronics and tutoring.

The group actively promotes amateur radio within the community taking part in open days, civic weeks, and Scout Association events such as the popular "Jamboree On The Air".

We also encourage mixing of clubs, encouraging members of other clubs to visit during activity meetings such as talks, construction evenings and open days.

There is regular R.A.E. and Morse tutoring with practical and theoretical classes for prospective radio amateurs as and when required.

For details of events or club evenings contact the Chairman Roger Harman MM0BRG or the Events Secretary Eric Kolonko GM0HQF.

Click here to see DARG in action at Mills Weekend 2000


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